In the last decades continuous research has enabled us to elaborate advanced solutions in dental surgical didactics in general, which today are based on the use of devices where the accuracy of reproduction is absolute, even in the minute anatomical details, and the correspondence of functioning is respected. Also our mouth models, have morphological patterns and functioning sections analogous to the anatomical and physiological ones of the human body structure. The Dentalstore manikins for dental surgery practice, mounted on workbenches or fixed to mini-unit dental chair by means of different devices, represent a complete system and in many ways an innovative method to simulate every kind of operation that the dentist performs on the patient. The operator finds, on the manikins and on the various models, the same operating difficulties he will face with patients. The manikins are therefore actual artificial human cavies which, thanks to the internal bearing metallic structure equipped with joint, enable to simulate side movements, rotation movements and frontback movements of the head. Moreover the manikins, thanks to the devices placed in the internal metallic articulator, also enable to emulate all mouth natural movements, that can assume all possible anatomical stances (lateral projection, protrusion and retrusion), with regulation of the rima oris opening from zero to maximum excursion, in which stance it can be blocked.